Best Nevada Apartments in Henderson

When I was young, my parents took me on a trip to Las Vegas, and even though I did not really get to enjoy the trip very much, or at least, I did not get to enjoy all that Las Vegas had to offer at that age, I really enjoyed the city and I knew that I wanted to live there one day. Later, I went again, and really fell in love with. But I am looking for a guide to Henderson Nevada apartments, because now that I am faced with the possibility of actually living in Las Vegas, I find myself thinking that I would rather not live in the city itself, but that it would be better if I lived nearby in somewhere that is a bit quieter.

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I Wanted My Own Apartment

I knew that I needed to find my own place as my roommate and I started bickering more and more with one another. I thought it would be a great idea to get an apartment with a friend from school, but the only problem was that we did not know each other well enough away from school. Saving expenses was nice, but always feeling on edge was not. That is why I started looking at Towson apartments about a month before our one year lease was up. I just wanted to find a nice one bedroom apartment where I could finally have peace for more than a few hours at a time.

I felt bad about our arrangement not working out but I also knew that she felt the same way that I did. I knew that I would end up paying a little more, but it would be worth it. Continue reading →

Buying Real Estate Through A Realtor

“Do you have plans of buying a new house in California? You can find what you are looking for in Simi Valley. If you don’t know anything about real estate, a realtor from Simi Valley is the most helpful person that you can find. There are people who know real estate transactions and some of the most helpful you can find around are real estate agents. Their passion is selling houses and other properties to those who are planning to purchase. Of course, you can buy without a realtor but it’s always helpful to have a professional who can give you expert advice and tips on how to get the best deals. Aside from that, the real estate industry is very complicated and you have to consider a lot of things before you can actually decide to buy the house you are eying on. Of course, there are resources for you to use to know more about choosing the right property for you but it would take you so long before you can actually learn these things about real estate. It is best to seek help from the right experts.

These realtors can help you collect information like credit card reports and audited tax returns of the one selling the house. These pieces of information is crucial and you should be aware of these things so that you will know all the problems, if there are any, that happened in the past. These pieces of information will show whether the situations have improved. Realtors make sure that their clients house needs are catered for. This becomes crucial especially during those times when a particular seller does not disclose completely all the information related to the house. When there is something fishy about the property, it is the realtor’s job to conduct an investigation. When you find a realtor you can trust, you should be in safe hands. There are times when a seller tells the realtor to hide some facts about the property for sale. You have to cancel all the negotiations when this happens. The moment you see signs that the agent is withholding information from you, you may probably want to consider finding another professional to help you out. You surely want to know everything about any property before paying for it. For example, not just because you found classy and architecturally superior North Ranch Homes in California, you already need to buy one of them. If you’re eying a foreclosed property, you need to know everything about it before you can say that it is, indeed, a good home to buy.

Those are some of the things that a realtor can do for you. The moment you’ve found the person you can trust, it’s your turn to prove yourself right for that person. A standard way is to offer the realtor reasonable sincere money in exchange for the assistance that he will be extending you as you consider your options on seeking for the lowest price for the best quality. You have to get your own copy of the comparable sales and make sure that you personally check the property. Checking the property yourself is important because your judgment may not be the same as that of your realtor. Since you will be paying for the property, your opinion stands.

Because of the internet, it has become easier to make a good choice when you buy properties. Your options seem to be endless and readily accessible. For example, when you’re considering Westlake Village real estate options in California, there appears to be no apparent reason for you not to be able to find a good one. On the Internet alone, a scarcity of information is certainly close to impossible.”

Helpful Information About Crmla For Buyers Of Rancho Santa Fe Homes For Sale

If you’re a buyer of Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale, it’s wise to learn all you can about the home buying process, including the legal aspect of real estate that regulate every buyer, seller, and lender. It’s vital to understand these matters to avoid issues that can make the process more difficult than it is.

In addition to the California Finance Lenders Law and the Real Estate Law that license lenders, a regulation was passed as an alternative to these laws: the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act or CRMLA.

This act was submitted in 1994 and began to function in 1996. It was passed to provide a licensing law that is deliberately made to direct the main duties of mortgage bankers; that is to make and service loans. The CRMLA is particularly aimed to control and approve activities regarding mortgage banking, not like the California Finance Lenders Law and the Real Estate Law.

The applicants can get a license under the CRMLA as a servicer, lender, or both. Once they are licensed, they are authorized to perform the following:

– Originate mortgage loans which are federally related

– Originate loans to pay for the construction of a property

– Sell loans to investors

– Service loans

– Buy and sell mortgage loans which are federally related

– Provide institutional lenders contract underwriting services

– Service any loans which are federally related not considering whether the mortgage loan was originated or servicing portfolios are bought

– Give borrowers brokerage services by trying to get a loan from another mortgage lender on their behalf.

Any one in the industry of servicing or originating residential loans in Rancho Santa Fe and in California must have a license, as required by the Act. There are certain entities, however, that are excepted from such requirements, including the ones listed below:

– Trustees in foreclosure procedures;

– Licensed brokers in California;

– Finance lenders in California;

– Pension plans that make residential loans to their members;

– Individuals who act in a fiduciary capacity granted by a court’s authority;

– Completely owned service corporations of savings banks or savings and loan associations;

– Municipal, state, and federal governments;

– Credit unions, savings banks, and savings and loan associations that are authorized to do business in California;

– Individuals engaged exclusively in agricultural, commercial, or business mortgage lending;

– Industrial loan companies, insurance companies, trust companies, banks; and

– Federal credit unions, federal savings bank, federally chartered loan and savings associations;

Under the CRMLA, any one of the following can become a licensed mortgage banker:

– A person

– A sole proprietorship

– A corporation

– A partnership

– A limited liability company

– An association

– A trust

– A joint venture

– An unincorporated organization

– A joint stock company

– A government

– A government’s political subdivision; or

– Any other entity

The requirements to be able to get a license are listed below:

– Approval as a servicer and/or a lender from any of the following: the Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Farmers Home Administration, Government National Mortgage Association, Federal Housing Administration, or Veterans Administration

– Audited financial records that demonstrate actual net worth of no less than $250,000

– $50,000 surety bond

Such information can be helpful for anyone involved in the home buying process, including buyers of Rancho Santa Fe real estate. It’s advisable to discuss with your agent anything you don’t understand about this complex process.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lease Option Real Estate Investing

Lease option real estate investing is a creative way to get started in real estate investing. The biggest advantage of this investing method is “control”. It basically gives the investor the right to possess– be in control of– and profit from a property without owning it.

A lease option contract is a combination of two documents. The lease part is where the owner agrees to let you lease their property while you pay them rent for a stated period of time. During the lease period the owner can not raise the rent, rent it to anyone else, or sell the property to anyone else.

The option part represents the right you purchased to buy the property in the future for a specific price. If you decide to exercise your option to buy, the owner has to sell it to you at the negotiated price. The option part of the contract obligates the seller to sell to you during the option period- but it does not obligate you to buy. You are only obligated to make rental payments as agreed during the lease period.

When the lease option contract is written and structured properly, it can provide tremendous benefits and advantages to the investor. If the lease option includes the “right to sub-lease” the investor can generate a positive cash flow by renting the property to a tenant for the duration of his lease, or lease option the property to a tenant-buyer for positive cash flow and future profits. If the lease option includes a “right of assignment” the investor could assign the contract to another buyer for a quick profit.

Lease option real estate investing, is a flexible, low risk, highly leveraged method of investing that can be implemented with little to no money.

High Leverage

It is highly leveraged because you are able to gain control of a property and profit from it now–even though you don’t own it yet. The fact that you don’t own it also limits your personal responsibility and liability. Only if you decide to purchase the property by exercising your “option to buy” would you take title to the property.

Little to no money

The investor’s cost to implement a lease option agreement with the owner requires little to no money out of pocket money because it is entirely negotiable between investor and owner. There are a variety of ways the option fee can be structured such as an installment plan, balloon payment or other agreeable arrangement between both parties. The option fee can even be as little as $1.00. In order to secure the property for purchase at a later date, tenant-buyers typically pay a non-refundable option fee of approximately 2%-5% of the negotiated purchase to the seller. Depending on how the lease option agreement is written and structured, the investor could possibly use the tenant-buyer’s option fee money to pay any option fee owed to the owner.


It is a flexible method of real estate investing because terms of the agreement like payment amounts, payment dates, installments, interest rate, interest only payment, balloon payments, purchase price and other terms are all negotiated between seller and buyer. Responsibilities of both parties are also negotiable. For instance, if the investor doesn’t want to act in the capacity of a landlord, he could specify in the lease option agreement that tenant-buyer will be responsible for all minor maintenance and repairs and the original seller will remain responsible for any major repairs.

Financially Low Risk

It is low risk financially. If the property fails to go up enough in value to make a profit, you have the purchased the right to change your mind and let the “option to buy” expire. Even if your tenant-buyer decides not to buy the property, you have profited by a positive monthly cash flow from the tenant-buyer’s rent payments and upfront non-refundable option fee.

Let’s look at an example of a lease with option to buy structured in a way that the investor profits in 3 separate phases of the investment.

Profit #1 non-refundable option fee

Future sales price negotiated with the current owner is $125,000 with an option fee of 2% of the sales price. Option Fee you owe the owner is $2,500. The future sales price you set for your tenant-buyer is $155,000 and the option fee is 4% of the sales price. Option fee the tenant-buyer owes you is $6,200. You collect $6,200 from tenant-buyer and pay $2,500 to the owner and your profit = $3,700

Profit #2 cash flow from monthly rental payments

The Monthly rental payment you negotiated with the owner is $1,000. You set the monthly payment at $1,250 per month for your tenant-buyer. Each month you collect $1,250 from your tenant-buyer and pay the owner $1,000 each month. Your profit is $250 monthly positive cash flow during the lease period.

Profit #3 is set up when the lease option contract is initially written

The difference in the negotiated future purchase price with the owner and the future purchase price set for your tenant-buyer. Let’s say the property goes up in value to appraise for at least $155,000. Your tenant-buyer decides to exercise their option to buy. You buy the property from the owner at $125,000 and then sell it to your tenant-buyer for $155,000. $155,000 – the $125,000 you pay to the owner = $30,000 profit.

Of course the key to making lease option real estate investing work, is finding motivated sellers and buyers. Finding these motivated sellers and buyers shouldn’t be difficult. The continuing down turn in the real estate market has created a large number of sellers who can’t sell their property and also buyers who can’t get financing to buy. The seller could possibly get a fair offer to be paid in the future by selling their property to a real estate investor on a lease option basis. A potential tenant-buyer could obtain home ownership without having to qualify through traditional home loan guidelines.

One disadvantage of lease option real estate investing involves the tenant or tenant-buyer possibly defaulting on monthly rental payments. This would make it necessary for the investor to come up with money out of pocket to pay the owner and possibly have to proceed with eviction process. However, there are certain provisions and clauses that can be written into the lease option to deter buyers from defaulting on payments.

If the investor fails to do “due diligence” before entering into a lease option agreement, he could end up with a property that is unmarketable. There could be a number of liens on it, issues involving ownership of the property or it might be in foreclosure. By diligently performing research before entering into a lease option agreement, the investor can avoid these mistakes. A few things the investor could do is– perform background and credit checks on both the seller and buyer, search public records in reference to ownership and property status, or do a title search.

Despite the few disadvantages, lease option real estate investing continues to be an excellent way to invest in real estate with little to no money and low financial risks. It also remains to be an excellent way to gain control of a property you don’t own and create positive cash flow and profits on flexible terms.

Bottom line, the secret to success in today’s challenging real estate investing market is to use only the best creative ideas, proven tools and strategies that have been successfully used by other investors to generate cash flow and profit from today’s real estate market. The more you understand and apply now, the more you will profit from today’s financial crisis.

First Moves For a Real Estate Buy and Sell Business

One of the most interesting businesses these days to get into is the real estate market and specifically purchasing homes and refurbishing them. While the market is still in the doldrums, there are lots of good deals available around and if you are able to purchase some property 50% off the ticketed price, you can make money if you have a long term position and are liquid with cash. Here are some tips on how to get things started with realty buy and sell business:

– Survey the property that you are interested in. Look at the neighborhood and then look at the logistics. If you are buying property within the city, whether it is an apartment or a condominium, check out its location and its surrounding buildings. There are some neighborhoods that may seem creepy but actually is very central to the area. In the same light, there are some posh neighborhoods that may actually have units for sale, on a rush and cash only basis. Whatever the given price is, always haggle and play low ball. There should be some compromise in between what the owner wants and what you are willing to pay for. Always think of it as a business and you want to get the best deal possible. Be willing to walk away from it if needs be.

– Before the final purchase, have a housing contractor look at the place you are planning to buy. A contractor would more or less be able to tell you how much repairs you would need to make. It may cost you some money for his time, but you can use his comment to further negotiate the final price of the sale.

– Invest between ten to fifteen percent of the total sale on repairs and refurbishing. This is a variable that can also be used on properties that are relatively new and do not need any major repairs. This means you can add another 10 % of your original offer if you know the property needs no repair.

– When refurbishing, always change the front door knob. Change the front door knob to an upgrade. Try purchasing a keyless door knob entry, whether it be number code control or biometric. Having a good front door is a good impression. Go for name brands that you can trust which have the most up to date designs and technology in their products.

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What is a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement?

A real estate purchase and sale agreement is a relatively short and straightforward contract that you can expect to sign if you are either buying or selling a piece of property. While corporate level versions of this contract can be quite laborious, ones designed for individual home sales from one private citizen to another are usually only a few pages in length. Let’s take a look at what one of these agreements looks like so that when you are asked to sign one, you’ll know your way around.

The first part of the typical real estate purchase and sale agreement outlines the names of the buyers and sellers and usually identifies them by social security number. This section also states, in plain language, the intent of the parties involved to buy and sell particular pieces of property and then the address of the piece of property is then listed. A legal description of that piece of property (single resident home, apartment building, etc) is then listed to clarify exactly what type of property is changing hands. There is almost always a section that is used to outline any personal property, like furnishings, that are being included in the sale. It is very important that if you are buying or selling a furnished piece of property that you list every single personal belonging here, even if it is something small so there are no legal questions later on.

The next part of the typical real estate purchase and sale agreement lays out the financial terms of the agreement. There will be spaces to show the amount of the initial deposit put on the piece of property, the amount of cash that is changing hands at the time of the contract signing, any existing costs or fees associated with the property that is being bought, like liens or any debt, any new loans being taken out by the buyer and then finally the total purchase price of the property.

The rest of the contract spells out the monetary figures listed above. For instance, section one of the agreement will talk about the deposit amount, how much it was, when it was paid and how much of it figures towards the final cost of the property. The next section will talk about the balance due to the seller and how that balance will be paid (cash, cheque, etc).

There are often additional sections added on to these types of agreements that outline the official closing date of the property and when the official title transfer will occur, as well as any damage to the property or any sort of catastrophic damage that might have happened to the property over time, such as a fire or a flood.

While the real estate business is absolutely drowning in overwrought forms and legal agreements, the real estate purchase and sale agreement is one of the most simplistic and easy to follow legal forms you’ll ever see.

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Creatives give the scoop on Design Indaba week hangouts

Design Indaba week is when all the creatives come together to get a view of the global creative landscape. In time for Design Indaba, pulled together the best hints and tips from some of the best of the best in their respective creative industries, to give us the inside scoop into the coolest things to do in Cape Town over the design week.
To take in Cape Town nightlife I’d suggest starting off with a glass or two of wine at Publik, then grab some great food from Clarkes. Move on to Outrage of Modesty and try an artisan cocktail before watching some live music next door at House of Machines. End the night at either Village Idiot or Aces ‘n Spades”
– Brett Webb, senior art director, Ogilvy & Mather.

Village Idiot – Photo by Laura McCullagh
Village Idiot – Photo by Laura McCullagh

“As cheesy as it sounds, one of my favourite things to do as a local is watch the sunset with a picnic and a glass of wine on Signal Hill. It’s an escape from the city and a perfect end to a long day” –
Sarah Gregg-Macdonald, graphic designer, The Jupiter Drawing Room.

“The Tap Room has hands down the best burger in Cape Town. Don’t listen to anything anyone says otherwise, they’re lying and they know it. Keep it really simple and tasty with the classic cheese, and if you haven’t eaten all day: make it a double. Compliment this dish with one of my other favourites: Woodhead Amber Ale. The best of Asia is also one of my favourites – a small sushi joint that never seems overcrowded. If you like good, unpretentious sushi and have spent most of your money on your ticket to the Design Indaba, then the two-for-one special is definitely for you” –

Green billboard generates millions of blog visits, tweets and likes

MediaVest, in collaboration with NU Venture, Tractor Outdoor and Draftfcb, conceptualised a vertical wall garden in 2011 as a billboard for Emirates airlines. Grown on a traditional billboard, it was constructed solely from wood and vegetation.
Green billboard generates millions of blog visits, tweets and likes
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MediaVest business unit manager, Robert Notrica says, “Although it’s regionally based, the campaign has become a talking point around the country and across the web. Innovation was the key to breaking through the barriers and reaching consumers in the ruthlessly competitive and cluttered airline industry.”

Updated results indicate the billboard has generated 25-million blog visits, 106,811 tweets and 469,373 Facebook likes to date and generates R700,000 of PR exposure on various platforms.

Ensuring talkability

The airline prides itself on bringing its consumers memorable experiences, not only on board its aircraft, but also throughout their journey. True to its brand character, it tasked MediaVest to create awareness of its 110 destinations by ensuring talkability and target audience engagement.

“The plan was to engage ‘green conscious’ consumers by showing them how the airline connects the world through the use of environmentally friendly material and ‘grows’ its message over time.”

Draftfcb designed the billboard with the aim of representing the earth and the contrasting vegetation colours represented the oceans over which Emirates flies. All of the continents that Emirates flies to were also represented and LED lights were used to highlight its destinations.

“The billboard not only offered consumers a new experience every week, as it grew, but the look and feel changed from day to night with a visually startling LED world map that lit up the trendy Kloof Street night spot.

“The growing concept ignited consumer conversation on social media platforms and blogs, which spread like wildfire and ensured even further exposure for the brand,” concludes Notrica.

Renault SA flirts with social media

Renault introduced the popular European city car, the Twingo, to South Africa in December, combining live promotions, competitions, website and social media to reach a very finely targeted market. Renault’s Xavier Diquet tells what happened, what worked, and what was learned.
Renault SA flirts with social mediaRenault launched the new Twingo to South Africa with the Flirting with Life campaign, combining tried-and-tested marketing tactics with some novel approaches using social media channels. The Twingo is new to this country, and is a nippy little city car that the company says has been incredibly successful in Europe. It’s safe (loads more safety features than segment competitors), very frugal, has a cheeky, stylish design and very clever use of interior space. Renault positions the car as “one for the ladies”, with a core market in trendy, hip urban women in the 25 to 35 age group that want a practical but fun runabout that stands out from the rest.

The challenge for Renault SA was building a buzz around the car’s introduction, but also rapidly getting real customers behind the wheel. Ambitious sales targets, very tight marketing budgets and tough economic times for potential customers required some creative thinking.

The campaign was conceptualised in three main areas: the Flirting With Life competition website and related promotions, the “Twingo Hotties” and their face-to-face activation work, and the Facebook campaign that provided a way to reach new people more quickly. The core message was that the car was not only better featured than its rivals, but sexier and more fun, with customisations that could make it more “you”. The marketing campaign ran around these themes: young/fun/sexy, and choice. What every woman wants.

In the traditional advertising world, the campaign could be written off as nice try or a near miss – the numbers of people reached were only in the thousands. On closer examination, however, you can see that it was a great marketing success. We reached only the people we wanted to reach – almost perfect targeting.

The Flirting With Life site introduced the “Twingo Hotties”, four sexy guys who were brand ambassadors, lending their good looks and charm to close the gap between the arms-length online world and real life. The Flirting With Life site at was designed to be fun – playful and irreverent, letting women “customise” the Hottie they chose with vacuum cleaners, oven gloves, fur-lined handcuffs and more, and then add a funny speech bubble. And share it with their friends.

Because the Twingo is “one for the ladies”, the call to action was to enter the Flirting With Life competition which would see forty lucky women win either a day of sybaritic pampering at the Hyatt, or an exclusive night out clubbing, with French champagne, delicious (but light) food and more. The campaign was designed by Offlimit, with web design by Mustardseed.

It’s alive!

The Hotties hit the streets over December and January, visiting major Joburg nightspots, with the big finale at the competition days.

The Flirting With Life website ( went live in December, seeing 667 unique visitors in December, 1,824 in January and 2,194 in February to date. Visitors could customise their “Hottie”: 677 people enthusiastically jumped in, with 502 referring friends, and 1,411 women entered the competition.

To reach out further, Renault called on Sentient Digital to help with social media. Four Facebook profiles were created for the Hotties, along with a Facebook group (Flirting With Life). The profiles were designed to show the fun online personas, providing a safe and tongue-in-cheek place to engage with the guys. Pictures of the Hotties were uploaded, along with video clips and the radio ads that were running, where the Hotties joshed each other, and swapped outrageous stories about being out on the streets with their Twingos saving the day.

Stories, images and other media were also added to a blog hosted on Blogspot (, ensuring that material could be found if people used the popular search engines.

Flirting with results

Overall, we were very happy with the results: over 4,685 unique visitors to the site in three months, and 1,411 competition entries. We know we reached exactly the people we wanted on Facebook (a massive advantage of this network is the detailed user profile), and possibly many more who didn’t “friend” the Hotties or join the group, but saw some of the material. The radio ad campaign was well received, and the 20 ladies who won the competition had a fabulous day pampering at the Hyatt (the other 20 are up this weekend for their night of glamorous clubbing in the next week).

By the end of February the Hotties had 1,042 Facebook friends – almost all uniques, there was very little overlap between friends groups. Since Facebook is a social site, not a place where you want to be harassed by clumsy marketers, the approach was subtlety – ensure that the Twingo brand and selected key messages were communicated in a friendly, non-intrusive way.

One guaranteed way to be sure you’re not irritating people: do they “unfriend” you? Over the three months of the campaign, Facebook friend numbers grew steadily. There were only two negative responses, who were immediately added to a “don’t contact” list.

In the activation activities, the Hotties visited some of Joburg’s hottest night spots, chatting to scores of women – again all clearly seen to be the desired demographic. On the weekends of the 21st and 27th February the 40 winners – 20 per weekend – had the time of their life being alternately pampered or jolled-out at Jozi nightspots.

Learning experience

The truth is that in social media marketing there is still everything to learn. We are all pioneers, we are all experts, we are all beginners – the technology platforms are new, the way people interact with them are new, the ways brands can interact with people are new.

There are things we would do differently in future – Facebook is a hugely popular platform with South Africans, but it is a tricky medium to use as a marketing channel. The key to success is creating the seed for a community to grow, finding a common interest that draws people in. How we use Facebook in future will change, and we will look increasingly at “open” communities that are exposed to the public Internet (as opposed to walled gardens like Facebook).

However, the lessons learned were invaluable for Renault South Africa, both as we move forward with the second phase of the Twingo campaign (which will be sexier, more glamorous and even more fun), and as we get ready to launch other new models.

In the new world of highly targeted social marketing, the Flirting with Life campaign was not only an invaluable experiment in how to use new technologies, but a case study in how to achieve laser-like focus with a finely segmented market.